Monday, June 15, 2009

The Inspiration for APC & Kanye

      I was recently at Counterpoint Records which is one of my favorite book and record stores in LA and one particular record caught my eye. None other than the Stan Bush. Maybe you aren't too familiar with Mr. Bush but it will soon all make sense. Musically, he did sing the tune, "the touch," for the original Transformers film, along with great tunes for Kickboxer and BloodSport. Whatever the case, Stan has got some style and I think Mr. Jeezy West would agree. Take the jean jacket for example....I think this is where Kanye started rockin' the denim jacket after he saw this cover. It may seem like a stretch but I am going with it 100% percent. 

Kanye wearing his vintage jean jacket

     Next up are Stan's Nike shoes. I think Mr. Touitou, founder of APC, saw this same cover and after heaving already collaborated with Nike, saw these particular shoes and couldn't pass up another collaboration with Nike. Afterall, Mr. Touitou is  huge music fan so this isn't so far off. I mean both kicks even have the rubber toe.  

Stan's Nike Kicks
The recent APC x Nike shoe

     Even if you still doubt the connections, I think we can all agree that Stan Bush may have the worst rock n' roll name ever but the man was ahead of his time in terms of style. 

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Andrew Lee said...

the original animated transformers movie is horrible. the movie just goes into an action montage the entire length of the bush song.

orson welles as giant planet eating robot, hollaaaaaaaaa