Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Just got back from Tulum and severely missing the cocktails but not the mosquitos. Here are some pics from our adventure. Too many good things to do/eat/see in Tulum but here is a quick batch of photos to show you what all we did.
Make sure you do the following when in Tulum - rent a bike, rent a car, eat/drink at Hartwood, hang out at Coqui Coqui or even get your spa on, go the the Grand Cenote, eat tacos at Rincon, go to the ruins, buy some hats, eat at Cetli, and repeat if necessary.

our hotel/view - Zamas
The spa of Coqui Coqui and the view of the beach
random pics from our time spent in town
the ruins of Tulum - please notice the "the lizard king" sitting in the middle of the fort..creepy!
cooking class at Altamar - Ceviche x 5
Hartwood - this dude sat next to us one night so you know it's soo khieellll!!!!!
The Mango Margherita is lethal here
the bar aka our second home
PS- It also helps to have a travel companion that is as awesome as my girlfriend.

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