Monday, December 6, 2010

Chatting with Myles Henry

I stumbled upon Myles blog through one of the popular blog's of today and ended up spending a couple hours on it because the content seemed really fresh and not regurgitated like so many of cool blogs seem to do. I am not hating but there are times when it feels like every one is talking about the same old stuff. That includes me by the way.
Anyways, Myles has a really good eye and I feel as though are tastes are very similar. I really enjoy how Myles talks about various regions concerning furniture and style. One post will be about industrial vintage, the next about herringbone floors, then about his own style and purchases, and even throwing in his favorite picks from the newest IKEA catalog. Myles writes about what he likes and not about the trending topic and that's what I really like about his blog.
So, I e-mailed Myles to pick his brain a bit and asked him some very basic questions. Please note, I am not trying reinvent the wheel with these interviews. I just really want to know what some of my favorite bloggers/friends/shopkeepers do when they aren't on the interwebs. So, if you are looking for more in depth interviews, please don't look here.

What got you motivated to do a blog? any specific sites/blogs that made you want to create your own?
For me my blog just kind of started so I could keep a log of ideas. There are a ton of interior design blogs that I really enjoy, but not many of them are written by men. Some of my favorite blogs that I'm constantly inspired by are : A Time To Get, The Brick House, Remodelista, Identical Eye, and Secret Forts.

What do you do besides blog, do you work in the arts?
I actually dj for a living which is cool. I get to travel a lot and get to meet tons of amazing people. My wife also dj's, and we dj together a lot so it's been fun traveling with her and sharing our love for music. I have worked on a few different design projects and would love to make the transition to doing some type of design work full time over the next few years.

What are some of your favorite spots to go in LA to get inspired? Retail? Art? Food? Drink?
I'm from NY born and raised, I'm in LA right now djing but as far as NY goes there is so much. I currently live in Fort Greene Brooklyn, it's one of my favorite places on earth. Tons of great places to eat, beautiful tree lined streets, and tons of beautiful historic buildings. Some of my favorite places to shop as far as clothing goes are Opening Ceremony, they are always doing something interesting, and the owners Carol and Humberto are really great people. I also really like Nepenthes, Extra, J. Crew Liquor Store, Partners & Spade, and any one of the RRL stores.
As far as furniture spots I like Rosenburg Ltd a lot, the prices are insane but they have such beautiful pieces, so I usually go to poke around and get inspired. I think Cosmo in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is a really nice spot, they always have some nice pieces and the owner is a pretty friendly guy. Right around the corner from Cosmo is another one of my favorites, Moon River Chattel.
Some of my favorite spots to eat in New York are
Pies & Thighs in Williamsburg Brooklyn, great comfort food, amazing fried chicken, mac and cheese, greens, mashed potatoes and they always a crazy dessert selection. A new-ish spot that I have quickly fallen in love with is The Meatball Shop in the LES. It's packed there pretty much all the time so make sure you call ahead to figure out what kind of wait you might be looking at, but this spot is so delicious. Stonehome Wine Bar in Fort Greene Brooklyn is another favorite of mine. Decor wise this place isn't at the top of the list but the food is incredible. Every time I have been there I've been more than impressed with everything i have ordered. I also like that it's not the super hipster hang out and it's also right around the corner from my crib. And last but not least, an oldy but goody is Diner in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They have a tiny menu that stays the same every day and they always have a super long list of specials. They come up with special dishes depending on season and what they can get locally from the upstate farm they deal with. It's a super charming little restaurant but it's definitely a little hipster and your male waiter might have a "Rollie Fingers" mustache.

What are you most looking forward to for fall/winter?
Sundays. Sundays are an excuse for me to be a lazy piece of shit, I watch tons of Football, I wear sweatpants, eat pizza & wings, and drink some beer.

Alot of your blog posts, seem to be from outside the country. So, do you have any travel plans. If so where? My next travel plans that aren't work related are Santa Teresa, Costa Rica in January. My family has made this our go to spot for surfing and relaxing during the winter. Then my wife and i will be taking a trip to Paris in May. I've never been there but I'm really looking forward to spending some time exploring the city this spring.

******Big thanks to Myles for taking the time out to do this interview. And Myles, next time you're in LA, lets drink some beer and watch some football.


Karen + Sara said...

what an honor :)

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your site is awesome by the way. I really enjoy it.

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fantastic interview!!

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Thanks David. Let me know when you want to go next :)