Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New York in the Fall

I decided to take my lady to a trip to New York for her birthday. When I bought our plane tickets, all I could think about was booking our trip a week before her birthday so I could surprise her, which I ended up blowing by the way, but the week prior was the big Fashion Week. Thus, it felt as though NYC was even more hyped than it already is.
We let all the fashion peeps have their fun and decided to make it more about seeing old friends and eating....a lot. My favorite things about New York is walking and eating, which you can actually do at the same time believe it or not. Overall, the trip was great and too much good stuff to write about. I will give you the basic breakdown though.
I don't have much to show for this trip aside from some bad iphone pictures, a lot of taxi/food receipts, and about 5 extra pounds but the good stuff is all in the dome people. And that's what matters at the end of the day.

Peels - new cafe/restaurant opened by the dude behind Freemans
the goods
I recommend the egg sandy
The Smile - Good coffee and cool items for sale
really cool interiors
my girlfriend & a small portion of her purchases
wallpaper at The Spotted Pig
stools that are cool but 850 a piece - ???
more overpriced furniture from some place in the East Village
Love you C-Pain!!!

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