Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Family of Artists

The Artigas family may hail from Mexico City but they are taking LA by storm (bad pun with this crappy weather) with their fairly recent store opening. However, it's not your average store as it's in a 1 story house that anyone would be stoked to live in. Actually, the Artigas family did live in this house at one point and after having difficulty with selling it, they decided to make the house their showroom.
Gabrial (Gabby) makes all the jewelry, Alejandro (Alex) makes all the furniture, and Teresita does the cooking. Even the mom helps out and sells her homemade salsa. Basically, there is nothing this family can't do.
If you don't see anything you want to buy, which I will find hard to believe, hold a meeting (back room available), go and hang out, eat, do yoga (weekend classes are held in backyard), or just use their computers to surf the internetssss. Basically, this is a safe haven for all.

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