Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Original Kenny Powers

Jim Traber is a retired athlete who now has a couple of radio shows in Oklahoma City. I hesitate on calling him a PRO because he was in the "Bigs" for about as long as I was in college sports ie not long. However, every 15 minutes or so, he references his professional experiences even though it's always out of context and never makes sense. He has a show called "Pro to Pro," for God's sake. He is the biggest chodespank I've ever come across. He is prone to starting altercations because he is so hot-headed and I think gets off on it to be honest.
But, a revelation came to me while a friend showed me an old highlite of him when he was in the "Bigs," during the 80's. Actually, the "Bigs" was a shitty league in Japan, where I think their team name was the Komodo Dragon's or something. Anyways, after watching this video Irealized that Jim Traber not only acts like Kenny Powers but could easily pass for a body and/or stunt double. Lastly, Kenny Powers is a tv/fictional character but Mr. Traber is a real person and this video is real.
If you still aren't convinced, look at the pics and video.

Kenny Powers - fake person
Jim Traber - Real Person

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