Thursday, September 3, 2009

June Lake

     I just got back from June Lake and it was a really good time. One thing I really like about California is that you can drive for a couple of hours (in our case 6) and you feel like you are in a completely different world. This place was super laid back and the locals were very welcoming to about 10 Angelinos. We barbecued, fished (and failed miserably), kayaked, hiked, swam, and did more stuff I can't remember.
     Also, these pictures are really crappy simply based on the fact that everyone who went to june lake was a professional photographer and after looking at their pictures, I feel like a complete loser but whatever.  
our pad for the weekend
Taylor was dominating the grill- see ribs below

Grant handled the wings....mmmm tastyness
Maxwell diggin tree life
Henry waiting for the stick toss
this girl had better balance than me....just sad

the peace house
Jazz and Bart keeping it realour 3 forms of entertainment :
1. a local brought a beer bong into the town bar = instant party
2. our vhs selection to occupy us on down time

3. the ghettoblaster

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