Monday, August 24, 2009

Army Shoes vs. Margiela

I've had numerous pairs of these kicks for years and the main reason I bought them was due to the price. i bought my first pair at Steven Alan about 5 years ago (for about 80 big ones) and still get good use out of them. Then, I spotted them at a vintage store in Amsterdam for about 20 dollars. I'm pretty sure the shoes i have are form the German military during the 60
's or 70's so these have been around for sometime. 
Then, the past couple seasons I kept noticing Margiela doing a line of sneakers that resembled mine but their price was about 400 to 500 dollars. 
The big argument is to say that the quality of the Margiela shoe is much better than my "ole german sneaker," but I say if it's good enough for a solder to wear then it's good enough for me. as well, who needs a 500 dollar pair of shoes they are going to beat up? Kanye maybe? but c'mon, he can afford dat!
What do you think? 

my army kicks
margiela version

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