Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Vilebrequin is to Billabong as France is to America. It's a sad analogy but very true. When I was in France, everyone had these on and looked like a normal person as opposed to the "Brody's," that continue to wear board shorts even though they don't ever seem to have a board in hand. Whatever the case, these shorts are great and made very well. They are expensive but I think it's worth it. I picked up a pair for my brother and myself. 
This company was founded in St. Tropez in 1971 and has grown quite a bit since then but still seems to be making a solid product. If not, you can always grab a sweet pair of board shorts and look like a newport beach boner. 

my shorts


OK said...

yo G.
Just found your blog address on an old stashed away post-it. Been checking it out. Nice work! I hope Europe is/was rad!

Been doing a photo only blog. check it http://www.theobserved.com.


Garrett colton said...

i'm adding u to the blog roll homie. lets kick it soon