Monday, May 11, 2009

NBC News Anchor an Indie Hipster?

     Brian Williams who is commonly known as the stern looking news anchor for NBC has a prfound love of music which is why he started a musical series called "Britunes," which he claims he didn't name (let's hope not). But, the point is, you won't see the Doucey Brothers or Hannah Craptana on the show. His first guest is Deer Tick, who just so happens to be touring with a band that I just wrote about
     Brian raves about this indie band and seems to be quite knowledgeable on indie music in general. This was the first show for the new show and I say job well done. I truly hope that other news anchors don't get any ideas as i can only imagine what Hardball's Chris Matthews listens to. 

pic courtesy of Pitchfork

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