Monday, May 11, 2009

L.A. is OK - Point #1

I'm going to start doing a weekly (if I'm not too lazy) posting of some of the main reasons why I enjoy living in southern California. No, it's got nothing to do with surfing, seeing Brody from the Hills at a bar randomly (Ty Cooper's best friend), or going to a fancy restaurant that i can't pronounce. My favorite places are usually the hole in the walls that I can actually afford. With that being said, my first post is in honor of the best mexican in Los Angeles : Cactus Taqueria. I usually go with a carne asada burrito and a Coke, which costs about 5 bucks. it's so good and it's about 4 blocks from my office so I walk here at least once a week. Please trust me on this one.
Even more proof that cactus is the best. Just look at their sign......

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