Friday, May 15, 2009

Musso & Frank

     When dining out in Los Angeles, most may think of the high end sushi joints that cost an arm, a leg, and maybe your mid torso, or club/restaurants that have good food but you have to sit next to the worst people on earth. Either way it is not a good situation. Have no fear my friends, I have a place that is the antithesis of that but also represents everything that is great about Hollywood. Insert: Musso & Frank. It's been around since 1919 and the decor hasn't changed since the 50's I would say. Our waiter who served us last night was named Manuel and he had been working there for 38 years. How cool is that? Our cook had been there since '84. Manuel was probably in his mid 70's and was so content talking about his time at Musso's and it was really refreshing because most of the waiters here are 19 and are trying to be the next Tom Cruise. I don't think Manuel has any plans on acting but I can tell you he has served everyone from McQueen to Brad Pitt so I'm sure he has some great stories. 

The Bar- if only those walls could talk
The infamous sign