Monday, May 18, 2009

Musical Genius - Harry Nilsson

Harry Nilsson was a New York born Swede that ranks upon my top 10 of singer-songwriters of all time. Some may know him for his relentless partying or for being best friends with Lennon, Ringo, Cass Elliot, or anyo other iconic musician from the 60's. One of my favorite stories is when Paul and John were at a press conference in New York and John was asked who is favorite artist was he replied, "Nilsson." They then asked Paul and he said,"Nilsson." Also noteworthy was the fact that Keith Moon and Cass Elliot both died at his flat in London. More importantly are Nilsson's songs though that stand the test of time. Whether it be "Everybody's talking," "One," Best Friend," these songs are so incredibly good. 
Jason Schwartzman named his dog after a Nilsson song so that's the stamp of approval. 

A documentary came out in 2006 about Nilsson so check it out HERE

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