Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Aspen, Colorado

    Some people go to Aspen for the skiing or to be around really wealthy people or maybe all of the above but I go for a couple of different reasons. The first being that I have family there so it's always great to see them and secondly is the food and drinks. No, I am not talking about the Aspen Club or some swank joint but a simple coffee shop and a bar/restaurant that has insanely good mexican food.
    First, Ink Coffee is the best coffee shop in the world. I have put this place to the test and they always win. The drink to get is a blended black and white which is a couple shots of espresso combined with dark chocolate and white chocolate. It's unreal. 

the door before you walk in to Ink
My niece Lily making her own drink
My nephew Edward drinking a blended orange juice

Next, is Woody Creek Tavern, which is somewhat of a landmark in Aspen because Hunter S. Thompson would go there everyday and booze up. However, I love this place because it's on the opposite side of town and the food and drinks are simple but really good. I took some pictures of posters from the wall. 

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