Thursday, April 23, 2009

Football Hooligans

Wikipedia defines this term as the unruly and destructive behavior such as brawls, vandalism, and intimidation carried out by Association football club supporters and fans. 
My definition is a little bit easier : one person or more of people who you don't want to mess with because they are insane over the best sport in the world, in which they consider this sport their religion. 
I got to experince this first hand when I went to the Eurocup quarterfinals in Barcelona where Liverpool played FC Barcelona (Ronaldinho anyone?). It was 90,000 screaming fans and I think I saw 9 fights but I kinda lost count after 5. The stadium locked down all the Liverpool fans inside the stadium after the game for an hour because they were so drunk. It was madness and I loved it. Here is a quick video of me at a pre-game Liverpool rally. Madness!!!!!!

There have been some movies out lately about this, and Green Street Hooligans doesn't count cuz it sucked, so I wanted to do a post because I am pumped for this next one due out soon. The movie is called "Awaydays," and it looks badass. Here is the trailer and enjoy. Now piss off!

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