Saturday, May 19, 2012

Calling All Laker Fans

Oh boy, where do I even begin with this? I will try and write this from an outsider perspective but that's not really going to work. Here goes nothing....
Ya see, for the Thunder fans, when they get a t-shirt on their seat, they simply put it on. It's a simple idea but even us dumb midwestern folk can grasp that. It's also a way to show support for your team and be the "6th man."I feel that this would be somewhat intimidating for a team to see an entire stadium filled with EVERYONE wearing the same T. It's more than a T-shirt! 
Now lets get to the fun part. Walking into the Staples Center last night, they were handing out gold shirts to rally Kobe and Co. However, those trendy laker fans can't be fooled so easily. Do you really think they are going to wear the same garment as a person sitting directly in front/behind/to the left/to the right of him/her? I don't think so. 

What it looks like when OKC Thunder fans put on the shirt.  

"Bro, I'm going to put my shirt in my right back pocket. How sick is this?" Sadly, not the only one doing this little trick.

"I'm not going to wear my shirt, I'm going to wear my rat tail and my trendy leather jacket with a popped collar." Barf.

This guy is like 60 and still doesn't get it. I wore JNCO's when I was like 15 and am still haunted by it. This guy paid a lot of money for this leather jacket and jersey/jean get up. He has no chance.

 It's so bad that I'm not even upset with this guy for wearing a cape. At least he is wearing the T-shirt given to him. Kudos to you buddy. Rally your fans. 

 In conclusion, there are a few bad apples with every team/fanclub etc. But, after going to the game last night, it was more like 50/50. I wish the fans in the rafters could be sitting on the floor seats where Frankie from the Hills, dude form Hurt Locker, and the other cheesy hollywood types were. Even most friends of mine from LA hate the Lakers and their fans. They go to the game to be seen (not all) and root em on when they are winning, and winning only. I'll take my Thunder and our fans over the Lakers and theirs any day.

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