Friday, July 3, 2009


This is a state-by-state list of everything that I think is great about this country. Most are some of my favorite artists and bands but not everything. Feel Free to send me your thoughts on what makes each state cool. 

Alabama - The Temptations
Arkansas - Glenn Campbell
California - In & Out, Beach Boys, The Weather (no link needed)
Colorado - My Cabin 
Connecticut - Skull & Bones
Delaware - Elizabeth Shue (Karate Kid) need I say more
Florida  - Tom Petty 
Georgia -  DeMario Jones (college basketball teammate of mine who introduced me to the phrase "shawty")
Indiana - Hoosier's
Kansas - University of Kansas, Wheel Pizza, Basketball at the Phog
Louisiana- our good buddies Better Than Ezra
Maine - LL Bean 
Maryland - Cass Elliot of The Mamas & the Papas
Massachusetts - JFK &  RFK
Michigan - Motown
Minnesota - Bob Dylan
Mississippi - Sam Cooke
Missouri - Barbecue
Montana - Phil Jackson 
Nebraska - Marlon Brando 
New Hampshire - Adam Sandler
North Carolina - Ryan Adams
North Dakota - Fargo (the movie)
Ohio - Lebron James  - I am a Witness! - NBA rests on this dudes' shoulders and he is carrying it with flying colors
Oregon  - Ace Hotel (what other hotel comes stacked with records and a player in every room?)
Pennsylvania - Hall & Oates
Rhode Island - RISD and the people who went there (David Byrne included)
South Carolina - The Swinging Medallions (my dad has always said to play "Double Shot of My Baby's Love" at his funeral. That's a little morbid but what a great song. 
South Dakota - Cheryl Ladd - What a NB (naughty body)  -thanks for the phrase Jeffy
Tennessee - Aretha Franklin - Respect!
Texas - Nothing!!!!!! I hate Texas and 99.9% of the people that live there. Sorry Jim!
Utah - Robert Redford making Utah cool by shooting Jeremiah Johnson there and founding Sundance
Washington - Fleet Foxes
Washington DC - US Royalty
West Virginia - Bill Withers
Wisconsin  - Context Clothing. cool dudes doin cool things

***I clearly need to get out more and/or get a girlfriend. Enjoy the 4th. 


Chris said...

MMMMM.....Drug Store.

The Last Scout said...

you forgot Graceland and Elvis for Tennessee. how dare you! and yay for beach boys! xx

JBridges said...

No love for Texas . . . I do not blame you but I might give Austin a plug. Other than UT, Austin is one of my favorite cities in the US.

Other Corrections
Mizzou - ONLY Dante!
South Dakota - Scotty's Burgers & Taylor!!
Michigan - Fab 5
Tennessee - Graceland (Been there 5 times)/Big Ass Truck
Kansas - The Bull

NLL02 said...
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Sarah said...

UVA!? No no no...VT. =] Great blog btw.