Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Fiesta


I had a Christmas party over the weekend and not to brag, but it was pretty solid, and I have the photos to prove it. 
A couple things to note when throwing a Christmas par-tay: 

1. Have good music. I had some serious X-mas jams rocking to start the night including the Phil Spector Christmas CD (which I posted earlier), Beach Boys, Elvis, and then had a couple of my friends DJ and it was genius.

2. Have a wide array of drinks. I bought a pony keg of Fat Tire, Red Wine, Egg Nog, and lastly, Brandy Punch. Granted, the punch looked like sewage water, it was the hit of the party. It was gone in a hurry. 
photo courtesy of lastnightsparty

3. Have people dress festive. The theme of my party was "A Very Griswold Christmas" so people knew going in they had to rock their grandma's x-mas sweater. I wore a Santa costume by the way. 

4. Clean your place of valuables. Nothing got broken in my place because I took anything down of any worth. I suggest you do the same thing.

5. Document the night by buying disposable cameras and passing them around. I bought 8 and passed them out to friends and let them take pics. Definitely a good call. 

To see more fun pics of my party, please go to lastnightsparty

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